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    Our Finances    

There are three fundamental principles of the Financial Affairs Portfolio’s role within the Management Undergraduate Society. The three fundamental principles are

  • Thorough documentation

  • Effective financial procedures, policies, and controls

  • Proper accounting records

Thorough documentation includes ensuring all financial transactions (receipts, contracts, reimbursement, etc.) have been budgeted and tracked appropriately. Effective financial procedures, policies, and controls contain the approval and authorization of all expenses encountered by the Management Undergraduate Society. Lastly, proper accounting records refer to accounting software that records and leaves an audit trail of all transactions. The amalgamation of these three fundamental principles ensures the financial health of the Management Undergraduate Society.


Our long-term goals are consisted of:

  • Proper track record of actuals

  • Provide tailored financial solutions

  • Develop financial literacy





Nina tran

VP finance

ava mcdonald


Ethan Gendron

Account Manager

Charly Bartoszak

Accountants manager

Anae Menand

Consultants Manager

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