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The DMCC’s mission is to increase the competitiveness of our faculty at external case competitions, including the Jeux du Commerce, Financial Open and Happening Marketing. In order to do so, we utilize a rigorous selection process which allows us to select the best and brightest of Desautels to represent McGill. Our committee composes of extremely dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who strongly believe in the quality of Desautels students. We are confident that with appropriate training and adequate practice, our delegations will be able to outperform at all competitions. We will be working hard throughout the year to ensure that all delegates have the best possible experiences and are able to represent McGill with pride.



Case League brings sponsors newfound opportunity to connect with incoming talent of the faculty. Taking place over the course of the entire academic year, corporate partners will have the invaluable opportunity of watching students grow academically, redact original cases for the students to solve, and have heavy influence upon their career choices.



Connections are one of the most precious assets business people can have. This is why the Commerce Games/Jeux du Commerce aims to help students to develop their business network with companies, but also with the other participants. It also aims to get students to take initiatives and learn how to compete respectfully, and it also encourages excellence. The Commerce Games/Jeux du Commerce is a three-day case competition taking place in the province of Quebec since 1989. Every year, 13 universities counting more than 1040 participants compete in the academic, sportive, and social components.



Financial Open (Omnium Financier) is an inter-university academic case competition that brings together the best students in finance and accounting from over 10 schools across Eastern Canada. Students test their business and presentation skills in six finance and accounting cases, in a quiz, as well as in a stock simulation. The Financial Open also presents an excellent opportunity to network with sponsoring companies.



Desautels Women in Business aims to provide a platform for students to explore the opportunities and careers available to them. We aim to create a strong network of women interested in a career in management; this network consists of students, McGill alumni, Professors, and current industry professionals.



Happening Marketing is a marketing completion that brings together 10 universities and more than 500 participants all over Quebec. The event is comprised of two main categories, academics and sports, as well as a variety of other social events. In preparation for the competition, students will participate in various practices and be coached by esteemed members of the business community. Throughout the course of the academic year, delegates will have the opportunity to bond with their fellow classmates and develop their presentation, analytical skills. On the sports team, athletes will work over the year to learn a new sport and get in physical shape. Not only does this competition allow participants to show their skills in a competitive context, it is also an amazing opportunity for them to meet and network with various judges and company executives, as well as other students from all over the province.



Over the course of one weekend, students will be enriched a variety of multidisciplinary events in a breadth of fields, including accounting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, consulting, and much more. Day 1 will consist of a speaker series with speakers from a variety of industries sharing their experiences and insights. Day 2 is a case competition, where teams will crack a case in 2 hours with the help of mentor to teach the fundamentals of case cracking. DMLS offers the chance to gain valuable skills and knowledge which will be the stepping stones to your future at Desautels.

DESAUTELS preparatory case competition

The Desautels Preparatory Case Competition is a student run case competition whose mission is to actively promote higher education and leadership amongst CEGEP and high school students, with a focus on the personal development opportunities provided by a business education. The goal of DPCC is to provide CEGEP students with a better understanding of not only what a business degree entails but also introduce them to our faculty’s excellence and the opportunities it provides.

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BOLT is a competitive business tech bootcamp aimed to integrate top business and tech talent and enable emerging leaders to pursue innovation in a whole new light through the development of products and solutions of real impact. BOLT has hosted over 100+ undergraduate students, delivering specialized workshops in entrepreneurship, design thinking, product development, and UX/UI design. 

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