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The McGill Students Business Review (MBR) operates as both an online platform and a social hub for those with a passion for business affairs. The MBR provides all undergraduates with the opportunity and resources to explore and learn about the business world. The MBR aims to inspire a way thinking that stretches beyond the campus and into the professional world.


MCGILL investment club

As McGill’s largest club, with over 700 members, the McGill Investment Club (“MIC”) aims to bridge the gap between the classroom and the financial workplace. The MIC proudly support the career preparation and investment education of McGill's brightest students through various initiatives, including its internal Investment Committee program, as well as its external events, including the Toronto and Montreal Finance Conventions, Women in Finance Convention, and Global Stock Pitch Competition.

redpoint capital

RedPoint Capital (RPC) is McGill’s first and only finance club that focuses on alternative asset class investing and careers. The organization is structured as a multi-program investment fund covering 4 main themes: private equity, special situations, real assets, and global macro investing. Members of the club have the opportunity to gain exposure and develop deep expertise in their respective sectors through a three-part program consisting of research projects, educational training, and industry-related forums.

mcgill ventures

McGill Ventures is a student-led organization with the goal of educating students about the world of Venture Capital. It endeavors to provide students with a glimpse of the VC world through networking events, panel discussions, and an analyst program; all events are planned in consultation with partners at top Canadian VC firms.



For over 15 years, P[h]assion has successfully promoted HIV/AIDS awareness to McGill University students and the Montreal community. P[h]assion, a non-profit organization, has fundraised over $150,000 for various AIDS foundations. The organization holds numerous fundraising events throughout the year, including hype parties, a sample sale, and its mid-spring fashion show. The P[h]assion fashion show has impressed hundreds of spectators and sponsors, which makes it one of the most anticipated events on McGill's social calendar!​

Casco Mcgill

CASCO McGill is a student-run organization that raises funds to support The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation. Every November, CASCO McGill hosts a dance and fashion show that involves student performers from across the McGill campus. We also host multiple hype events to help fundraise and promote our annual production. It is an organization that is at the forefront of a powerful movement: students demonstrating social responsibility.

suits u

Suits U Montreal is a student run nonprofit organization that provides students with an opportunity to purchase high quality, gently used, business attire at affordable prices. Clothes are donated by businesses, students, and other community members with all profits being donated to local charities. Since its inception in 2017. Suits U Montreal has raised thousands of dollars for charities like Sun Youth, McGill Students’ for Parkinson’s Awareness, and Meals for Milton Parc.


PennyDrops is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of financial education in Canada. We work to increase the level of financial literacy nationwide, foster a community of shared intellectual resources and bridge the financial literacy gap currently experienced by youth.

desautels exchange network

The DEN (Desautels Exchange Network) is a student-run organization whose mandate is to welcome and fully integrate exchange students into the student body. Through ongoing communication and regular social & cultural gatherings, DEN allows students to feel home away from home. Going on exchange opens a new world of experiences and the DEN is here to ensure a smooth, fun, and easy transition into life in Montreal. DEN also provides students with a link to other international associations in Montreal, such as MESA (McGill Exchange Students Association), IMA (International Management Association), and groups at Concordia and UQAM.

desautels women in business


Desautels Women in Business is dedicated to advancing the success of women interested in the corporate world by providing a platform on which their specific concerns and challenges can be addressed proactively. We serve as a liaison between the female management student body and the corporate industry, offering the opportunity for our members to engage and be inspired by professionals and alumni in their field, with a strong focus on fields with lower female representation. 

fashion business uncovered

Offering some of Canada’s brightest students an insider look into an industry so rarely demystified beyond the main areas of creative and sales support, FBU sets out to give students the information and tools necessary to find a position of interest in such a varied and dynamic sector. Keeping a close eye on local success, all the while exploring major international brands, 200 attendees come to hear about the career paths and current industry trends from some of the biggest players in the industry.

mcgill social business network

The McGill Social Business Network (MSBN) bridges McGill University’s undergraduate student body to social enterprises in the real world by hosting conferences, competitions, and firm tours. Our Social Impact Consulting practice engages McGill students from a variety of disciplines in consulting for social enterprises and not-for-profit organizations

asia business association

Revamped and re-invigorated, Global Oriental Vision is responsible for researching, developing, and executing innovative ideas to improve and increase students from the BCOM program’s awareness of entrepreneurial opportunities in Asia. GOVision focusses on an annual conference/case competition that will allow students to problem solve unique business cases experienced in the Asia economy, involving networking opportunities where students are able to reach out to speakers about pursuing opportunities in Asia.

desautels african business initiative

The Desautels African Business Initiative (DABI) aims to raise awareness of growing business opportunities on the African Continent. The annual conference intends to inspire fellow students to become more involved in the rising African economies. Bringing together African business leaders and experts from over 25 different countries, DABI is a unique platform for the Canadian youth with an interest in Africa and developing regions.

Business and Finance
Social impact and community engagement

jed consulting


Based out of McGill University, JED Consulting is Canada’s premier student-run consulting firm. Each semester, our team of 30 student consultants tackles the Gen Z-related business challenges of start-ups, non-profits and Fortune 500 companies. From developing marketing plans to conducting student research, JED has delivered for companies such as TD, Cineplex, Via Rail, Colliers, and dozens more.

mcgill consulting association

The McGill Consulting Association (MCA) aims to help undergraduate students understand, prepare for, and develop careers in the consulting and related fields. By creating and fostering deep relationships with consulting firms and organizations, we hope to expose students to the nature and scope of consulting practices, as well as provide them with the appropriate opportunities and tools to succeed as a consultant. Through our various events and activities, from preparatory workshops to case competitions, we wish to provide students from a variety of academic backgrounds with recruitment opportunities to network and gain valuable experience in order to help them further a career in the multifaceted field of consulting.

desautels accounting society

DAS serves as the liaison between accounting firms, the CPA Order and McGill’s accounting students. We take on the responsibility of organizing all accounting recruitment-related activities within the faculty with a strong commitment to ensure that students are well prepared for a future in the accounting field.

desautels sustainability network

The Sustainability Network is a club for management students interested in pursuing careers in environmentally friendly businesses. The club aims to bring students together by hosting both professional and interactive events. In the past, events have included networking, speaker panels, and seasonal activities such as apple picking and yoga classes.

international management association

The International Management Association is a platform where the students, faculty and alumni of the Major in International Management Program can meet and interact with one another. We aim to provide networking opportunities and self-developing resources as well to create a stronger student body for both International Management students and those passionate about the field of international business. We will also serve as a bridge between students and the faculty, representing the students’ perspectives in various issues in order to help shape the future of the program.

mcgill marketing network

The McGill Marketing Network (MMN) is a student-run organization which provides students passionate about marketing various professional growth, community-building, and learning opportunities. From conducting informational webinars and sharing relevant job postings to hosting networking sessions with experts from the industry, we bring together the right mix of resources and industry expertise to help students succeed in their professional life, and beyond.


DTech organizes events that will help students gain exposure to the technology field in a manner that complements their studies. Whether that means meeting and learning from industry professionals, understanding the latest trends in technology for a specific industry or applying what they have learned in class in a real-world context, DTech bridges the gap between the classroom and industry.

real estate club

Our mission is to expose students to various opportunities in the Real Estate industry and provide them with knowledge to successfully a career in this sector. The Real Estate Club helps students connect and network with local real estate professionals.

entertainment management conference

Over the course of two days, students from McGill and other universities will participate in a series of events relating to the many exciting fields that fall under the category of Entertainment Management. The EMC team will be coordinating with members of the industry to organize an innovative and captivating conference. We are looking for innovative, hard-working, and passionate individuals who have a genuine interest in being a part of the entertainment management industry.

mcgill sports management club

The McGill Sports Management Club has tasked itself with providing opportunities to educate and inspire students, as well as provide them with opportunities to establish meaningful careers in the highly-competitive sports marketplace.


consulting academy mcgill

The Consulting Academy McGill (CAM) is a dynamic organization committed to preparing students for successful careers in the consulting industry while fostering a tight-knit community of forward-thinking individuals at McGill University. We empower our highly driven members with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the field of consulting. At CAM, our mission is to equip students with the tools for future success while cultivating a supportive community of like-minded peers within the McGill community.


dave's store

Dave’s Store is the only student-run store on campus. Conveniently located in the Bronfman basement, between the Sandiford Lab and the Armstrong entrance, Dave’s offers a variety of products at the lowest possible prices, including: snacks and drinks, coffee, and Bronfman lockers. Dave’s is more than just a convenience store; it is a one-stop shop with a community focus. So, even if you aren’t looking to pick up a few pencils or fill your caffeine craving, you are more than welcome to drop by for a quick hello!


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